“We can most grow if we have a space to reflect with another who will both support and challenge us.” (Shohet & Shohet, 2020)

Supervision is suitable for anyone working in roles that may require them to work with people and where challenging or relationally complex situations can arise.

The supervision space offers supervisees the opportunity to to reflect in depth on their work and its impact on them and the people they work with.

As a play therapist I receive regular supervision and value the relationship with my supervisor and the space to explore my work. Having worked as a teacher, I can see how those working in schools may also benefit from the opportunity of regular supervision. I wish as a teacher I had received it and would now like to offer it to anyone working with children in school. I can see that it could be of value to senior leaders, teachers, learning support assistants, 1:1s and lunchtime supervisors. I am also open to providing it to other play therapists and anyone working with children and young people.

I am training with Robin Shohet and Joan Wilmot at CSTD London (Centre for Supervision and Team Development). I have completed the Core, Therapeutic and Group Modules and whilst I am training I am providing group and individual supervision at reduced rates.

Please contact me to book a complementary meeting to explore if Supervision may suit your needs.