Play & Creative Arts Therapy

Play & Creative Arts Therapy is suitable for people of all ages but is most often used with primary school aged children, including those who:

  • have low self esteem 
  • are withdrawn or seem unhappy
  • suffer from anxiety, stress or a phobia
  • find it difficult to make friends
  • bully others or who are bullied themselves
  • struggle to contain their feelings
  • are experiencing changes at home
  • have experienced trauma, neglect or abuse
  • are a looked after child
  • have experienced loss through bereavement, family breakdown or separation from culture of origin
  • struggle to concentrate or present hyperactivity
  • are at risk of being excluded
  • are not realising their potential
  • have regular nightmares or disturbed sleep
  • are ill, disabled or who support carers or siblings with disabilities

Dobbie Stones offers both one-to-one and group sessions.

Groups are usually made up of between 4 and 6 children who have SDQs below 16 and have an aim that is common for the group.

Referrers & parents/carers have an initial referral meeting where Goodman’s SDQs (Goodman’s Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaires, 1997) are completed for the child/children and these are discussed alongside ‘Hoped For Outcomes’ of the child/children receiving therapy.

For one-to-one an initial block of 12 sessions is offered and this is reviewed at the 8-week point. A decision will be made to either end after 12 weeks or continue until it is appropriate to end.

For groups an initial 6 sessions are planned and reviewed. A group may continue for up to 12 sessions.

An end report will be provided if required.

If you are interested in booking a session, please get in touch.